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9 Simple Ways of Self Care

December 29, 2021 1 Comment

9 Simple Ways of Self Care

9 simple ways of Self Care

It's difficult, and I know that!
But we got to start, right? and Trust me, You and I are in this together.
Self-Care and Self-Love, we have been reading about this a lot but can never actually know how to start implementing it or it can just be difficult to take care of ourselves.
So here are the 9 ways to start loving yourself.

1. Colour It Out
Colouring, filling out a detailed black and white design with Colours can help you increase your mindfulness. There are many Books available in the market for Colouring therapy. These books have minute drawn desgins with a lot of detailing and when you start filling colours in each design, you feel that you are eventually bringing something to life, giving more meaning to that drawing.
Also focusing on letting that colour spread from its borders can help you cut out all the chaos in your mind. Colouring Techniques help to build a strategy of telling our minds "One thing at a time".
Adore the beauty of those colours, appreciate yourself for doing it.

2. Spread the Scent Around
This one here is my most favourite tip because I am Crazy Lady in love with Scented Candles. Start using a Candle of your favourite fragrance ( a fragrance that you love, do not take other's suggestion for this one ) and let that scent be around you throughout the day. Whether you are working or cooking or sleeping or just having your breakfast, make a practice to light up a Candle and let the smell spread around.
Scented Candles have the power to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and fill your surroundings with Positive vibes and cheerfulness. You will definitely start enjoying each moment better and feel the calmness for your entire day.
I have my favourite My Oud candle burning in my room, the plum and agarwood smell transferring its self-love vibe to me.

3. My own Dinner Date !!
Have you ever been to a Date alone? sounds weird?
Sounds boring? You think how people will feel looking at you, eating your dinner alone?
No no no no, it is all about forgetting what others think.
Go out, Dress Up, Book a Table at that "Talk of the town Cafe", Order your favourite dish, and finish with an indulging Chocolate Dessert.
Also yeah don't drive to that cafe, book a cab, Let Uber pick you up.
On your way back home, appreciate yourself for doing this, showing up for your own self and remind yourself that you are SELF SUFFICIENT. Pat your back for being your own Knight in Shining Armour and let that Feel Good Vibe sink in.
Don't forget to click a Selfie.

4.Plan a Solo Day Trip
You remember reading about that Waterfall or Hike which is just at a 3-4 hour drive from your place?
You are longing to visit it and explore it?
Plan it out then, even if you don't have a destination in mind, it's okay. You can select your own destination, take public transport over there, eat at a local food point, and talk to locals you meet there.
Script this entire trip out according to your wish and your choice. Walk when you feel like and rest when you don't want to move. It's not necessary to think anything just go with the flow and let thoughts, feelings flow naturally. Remember it is all about clearing your mind.

5.Longggg Spa Appointment
Okay, it's weekend right now and I am going to book myself one stress-free hour of Spa for myself today. Till now you must have understood that all the activities here are about doing something for yourself and what better than relaxing our muscles and just shake every bit of tension off.
I believe that it's not just physical stress that can make our body ache , even your mental stress, anxiety, tension can make you feel tired and fatigue.
If time does not permit a spa visit you can always have a spa evening in your home with our CBD Bubble Bath. Run a hot bath and add our CBD bubble bath and relax for 20-30 minutes.  You will feel totally amazing and wanting to just chill. We offer 3 scented bubbles and unscented. Go to Urban Re-Leaf and see what scents and strengths work for you.  Did I forget to mention we have two strengths, 100 mg and 400 mg.

6. Buy a Plant
When you care about someone else, when you start looking after growth of another living being, you become more self-aware about yourself. So go out and buy a small, cute Plant for yourself, bring it home, name it.
Mine is called "Mishti".
Start Caring for it every morning, start healthy talking to it, tell it that you love it, adore its beauty.
When you will notice that your care has transformed this small sapling into a beautiful lush green plant, you will believe in yourself. If you can take care of this living being you can definitely take care of yourself.

7.Clean it up
I know your mom told you this 1000 times, but trust me guys she was right.
Looking at it from another point of view, cleaning your surroundings like that chair which is piled up with clothes, that drawer which is overflowing with all the wires entangled together.
when you take charge of it and start cleaning it, you will immediately feel responsible and good enough for your own self. That realisation inside you "that you alone can make your things right" is enough to love yourself.
After this activity, you will feel that you are capable of handling and cleaning up your own mess.

8. Prepare a Meal (a healthy one)
Self-care starts with taking care of your body, I am not asking you to join a gym and start doing 100 squats a day, but a small step of cooking your own meal, buying your own groceries, chopping them and saute them for yourself alone.
Also, Decorate your dish, do everything for yourself that you might have done for anyone else whom you love or care for. Treat your own self in such a way that you feel complete from inside.
Preparing a Salad and gulping that healthy bowl down is an achievement and remember you did it for yourself.

9. Schedule your Sleep routine
I know you must have read this at so many places, but if you ask me setting my sleep schedule and following it alone did change how the way I think, I behave.
Cutting yourself off from the world for that sound sleep is as important as Waking up early morning and take charge of yourself again. You will feel that your body has rested properly and that will help calm down your thoughts. Not any other Pleasure can be compared to a Pleasure you get after 8 hours of Sound sleep.
Light a Candle while you go to sleep and let your surroundings with positivity, close your eyes, imagine a happy place and a happy you with all your loved ones around.

You all I know that this is a tough way ahead and it is not at all easy for many of you. But even if you got up from your bed today and made an effort to take a bath, then that is Self-care that shows that you Love Yourself.
I hope that I could be of a little help to you who are reading this and I would encourage you to take a small, tini-tiny step for yourself.

Be your own light all of you, that is what Urbanre-leafcandles aims at.
Maybe start off with with of our sample kits.

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Amy Saunders
Amy Saunders

December 15, 2022

Ooh la la! You definitely inspired me to use your tips and purchase the perfect items immediately. I’ve been dealing with lost of work since last week and finally I managed to finish them today. So I just want to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing in my house. It felt spectacular when you shared about scented candles and how they can effectively enhance the state of our mental health. http://angeltouchshop.com/product/positive-vibes-only-candle/

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