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Why Cannabis

Cannabis Sativa Plant

Cannabis Sativa

The data shows that cannabis was initially discovered in or around Asia 1500.  It was used for a multitude of items, textiles, medicinal, food and everything else an herb can be used for.  The stems from the buds were used in developing these items.  Cannabis Essential oil is derived from the stem of the cannabis plant.  It is put under water pressure and the oil is extracted using this method.

It eventually made its way to America.  When it first arrived, several products were made from the cannabis plant.  Hemp fabric, paper, and other stuff.  Marijuana was discovered as well.  This contains THC which is the part that can get you high.  Unfortunately, during this time, it gained a bad reputation as being carcinogenic drug that needed to be outlawed.  The government in the 1950’s decided to make a class 1 drug which is considered a felony if you were caught using it.  In the 1960’s it became a misdemeanor. 

Cannabis contains various strains.  Some of these strains have THC and CBD and some strains such as cannabis sativa contains no THC.   The Cannabis sativa is what we use in our products.  Cannabis Essential oil is distilled from the bud of the cannabis plant using water and steam.  This allows the plant to release as much oil without damaging the plant. 

Urban Re-Leaf found that by adding essential oils you could get a sense of being relaxed from the added cannabis essential oil.  You may want to use it in your bath for relaxing and anti-stress, as a massage oil with a carrier oil such a jojoba or grapeseed oil or enjoy it in our candles. 

Urban Re-Leaf used the Cannabis Essential Oil and mixed it in with the fragrant oil which gave you a sense of relaxation or rejuvenation.  Our Cannabis Essential Oil is made of the highest quality and is purchased from people who understand and can appreciate that quality and high standards matter.

Cannabis Essential Oil – Health Aid

Cannabis sativa, commonly known as marijuana is an annual herbaceous plant that has been cultivated for eons to capture its diverse uses and benefits. Cannabis essential oil is not meant to be taken internally, but blended into carrier oils, with other essential oils, or fragrant oils to produce a soothing blend for the skin, muscles and all types of massage. This essential oil is not intoxicating. Its major components consist of monoterpenes and some sesquiterpenes, typically found in many aromatic plants. Laboratory analysis shows that it shares chemistry with many commonly used essential oils such as citrus, pine, and basil. The stresses and strains of over-exertion, old age and simple wear-and-tear often respond favorably to the essential oil of this complex and often misunderstood botanical. It is also supportive of various mild skin conditions, imparting a lustrous glow and radiance when rubbed in gently (blended into a carrier oil). Urban Re-Leaf cannabis essential oil believes that the time-honored benefits of this herbal oil will spread. Cannabis essential oil is extracted using steam distillation of the flowers and upper-most leaves of Cannabis plants, which are plentiful in the Cannabis genus.

Probably one of the most popular and well-known uses for cannabis essential oil is the ability to get relief from anxiety and stress. Natural compounds found within it are famed for releasing pleasure hormones and relaxing the mind creating a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Insomnia sufferers and other sleep disorders will benefit from this oil that can work like a charm to promote a sound, restful night of undisturbed sleep by relaxing the mind and body inducing lower energy and heart rate levels down as well as clearing your mind to help attain that peaceful slumber.

Cannabis Essential Oil – The Product

Cannabis Essential Oil is blended into carrier oils to produce a soothing blend for the skin, muscles and all types of massage. The stresses and strains of over-exertion and simple wear-and-tear respond favorably to this essential oil. It is also supportive of mild skin conditions.

Our cannabis essential oils are available in 5 mL and 10 mL sizes.   All oils are packaged in glass amber bottles and include a pipette dropper ensuring freshness quality and precision. If you do not find what you need, please do not hesitate to email or call- we'd love to hear from you. It is through your requests that we will expand our offerings!

Urban Re-Leaf stands by our products and takes pride in offering 100% pure therapeutic grade oils without bases, fillers, additives, etc.