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After being in the mortgage business for a number of years I was looking for a new opportunity.  Since the real estate crash and the passing of Frank Dodd  legislation it wasn’t fun anymore and I was still struggling after 10 years.  Then one night I went to a meeting called cannabis and real estate.  It was eye opening.  I drove home and called one of my friends and I said I think I am going to start a cannabis candle company.  From that night in early January 2018 I started doing research.  I found the benefits of cannabis essential oils, what THC is, terpenes and a lot of new terminology. 

I investigated the process of candle making and what made a good candle.  I also received a great candle for Christmas made of coconut wax.  I thought this is great.  I have always loved mixing fragrances into lotions and shower gels.  I used to go this place in Manhattan Beach and I would spend hours in the there mixing and buying lots of product.  I could now see how I could create my own signature scents with great coconut wax , no phthalate fragrances and cannabis essential oils.  With the passage of cannabis legislation in California I thought this is the new frontier.  Cannabis is low in pesticide usage, it is grown with minimal water and overall just a great new legal crop.  I started buying jars and formulating different scents.  I had over 37 scent jars on my table.  I had jar boxes, boxes full of wax, wicks, fragrances and a receipt box.  The candle business was taking over my house.  Friends and family would stop buy and say your house spells great but what is all this stuff? It is taking over your house.   I finally got it together and came up with 9 great scents I hope you will love them as much as I do.

So here I am, in the cannabis business.  My first venture are candles.  But I am planning on adding to the product mix.  I hope you will stay with me on my journey and hopefully it will be a fun and an enjoyable space for all us.