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Private Label Candle Order Form

Our private label program is here.  We have over 15 scents to choose from in a 6 oz jar. 

Cant't decide on the fragrance? We offer sample kits so you can try out the various fragrances.  Go to our Private label candle frangrance sample kits.  You can purchase 6 or 12 scents in our sample size. 

You have your choice of 4 different glass candle vessels.  If you have a special occassion, a wedding, bridal shower, a store opening or some other event, custom candles make great gifts and is great for your own branding.

With a minimum candle order of 50 candles this allows you to maintain low inventory.

Our scents are formulated with no phthalates, parabens.  The candles all contain cannabis essential oils, coconut wax and the jars can be repurposed.

Ship times vary- Usually it is 5-10 days.


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