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Breathe & Relax- Taupe Candle Jars Limited Edition

Enjoy our new Breathe and Relax collection.   

If you truly want to feel relax try our Breathe & Relax Spa candle line.  With everyone concerned with the state the economy and environment, I thought it was time to take a break for yourself.  Our Breath & Relax Spa candle line may have you lounging on the sofa, relaxing with a good book or taking a CBD bubble bath with the candle burning in the background.  Our scents are not overpowering but are strong enough to make your home smell beautiful and hopefully have you feeling great. 

We have discovered using cannabis essential oils may in fact relax you.  We have complimented our cannabis essential oils with these 4 relaxing fragrances.

Serene- Powder, Musk & Amber- Laying on  a chaise lounge, eyes closed and thinking this where I truly need to be in this moment. 

Meadow - Lotus, Neroli, Grass & Sage- Walking in wild grass, encountering beautiful flowers along the path, the season is spring and the smell of nature is just heavenly.

Haven- Sage Lavender, Cypress & Dew Drops - Haven another word for heavenly.  Cozied up in my cottage in the woods, the trappings of a fairy tale but I am currently experiencing it.  Breathe and let the mind wonder, how exhilarating.

Oasis Z - Hyacinth, Cucumber & Rain Mist - Water trinkling down, cucumbers sliced in the pitcher and flowers are abound. Enjoying the outside next to a stream, blanket layed out and taking in the air.

Enjoy our new spa collection, I hope it relaxes your mind and puts your body at ease.



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