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What Sets Us Apart


As a woman owned business in the cannabis space I started in my home.  As I continue to grow I would love to pass this business to my younger family members, especially the girls, Jersey and Avi.  Our products are cannabis based and hemp home inspired products.  We started with candles but are launching a CBD bubble bath, cannabis room spray, CBD soap, reed diffuser then moving into hemp textiles. 

The cannabis plant is so amazing, and I am learning so much about its healing properties for me and the environment.  After having two knee surgeries and a foot surgery, I use a CBD cream/oil for pain relief.  It also assists me with sleep.  Running a business can be stressful. 

I want to continue to bring you eco-friendly products that burn slow and clean, nontoxic, uniform burning, with no phthalate fragrances and essential oils.  I am looking to build a tribe who can appreciate these types of products.


Why Did I Go with Coconut Wax?

There are so many reasons why I choose to use coconut wax for my candles. Coconut wax candles carry a great scent and burn slower, meaning you can enjoy your candles longer.

The main reason I used coconut wax is because it’s eco-friendly. The wax is made from the meat of the coconut (organic, renewable, no pesticides) using the hydrogenation process which transforms the oil into wax.

Coconut wax is soft with a low melting point and must be blended with other waxes to create a candle. To create its creamy white candles, I use a blend that is 83 percent coconut and seventeen percent vegan vegetable wax. Other companies use paraffin which is derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale, and beeswax.

Coconut is Urban Re-Leaf’s top choice and the main ingredient for many reasons:

  • It’s a renewable, high-yield crop
  • Burns cleaner and longer than any other wax
  • Vegan
  • It’s a non-GMO product
  • Beautiful color meaning Urban Re-Leaf adds no extra coloring
  • Works well with essential oils

Try one of my beautiful , all-natural candles, and it will convince you that coconut wax is the best choice.


Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil and Why I Choose to Use Them

Organic essential oils are becoming increasingly popular in Western culture. More research comes to light showing the health benefits of ingesting, inhaling and topically administering oils every day.

Since cannabis essential oils contain such a large variety of terpenes, they offer many positive effects on health.

Here are five scientifically proven benefits  of cannabis essential oil (which is the product Urban Re-Leaf

 uses in its candles):

  1. Reduces pain because it relaxes muscles and fights inflammation
  2. Eases stress and anxiety
  3. Improves sleep since the terpene Myrcene acts as a sedative
  4. Nourishes skin with anti-inflammatory properties
  5. Optimized digestion

As research continues, more great reasons to include all-natural cannabis essential oil to your lifestyle are certain to be found.


And what are Terpenes?                 

Terpene Power

Herbs, flowers and fruits have signature aromas, and our body responds to these. When plants are processed, the organic compounds within create distinct flavors or perfumes, and the most beneficial compounds they contain are terpenes.

In fact, cannabis is rife with 350 different terpenes, which is the reason one strain smells and tastes different from another. In the case where cannabis smells like fresh-cut grass or pines, it’s because they contain the terpenes, pinene and limonene.

A terpene is a beneficial organic compound in every plant, and it reacts in unique ways within the cells of the human body.

What does this mean for you? Consider how using a citrus body wash wakes up your senses and energizes you for the day. That’s because of terpenes in the citrus and how they interact within your body.

The effects on your body and mind depend on the terpenes.  Lavender extract or chamomile tea are the perfect antidotes to a stressful day. Again, the organic compounds within those plants act on the nervous system through the sense of smell with a calming effect.

Cannabis contains its own powerful terpenes, and at Urban Re-Leaf it’s our honor to discover the most beneficial scents and incorporate them into amazing candles that will do more than improve the atmosphere of your home or workplace.

Ambiance is great, but what’s even better is promoting an overall sense of wellness through organic chemistry. Terpenes are ready to work for you.


Final Reasons Why!

I want to make sure our candles don’t give you headaches, don’t make you sneeze and are not overly sweet.  The candles are fragrant but in a calm good way. 

Did you know the olfactory system is one of the best ways of delivery for health inducing benefits?   The sense of smell can be penetrating to the system.  Not to mention it is very personal and can stir up good and bad memories.  We are hoping to stir up only great memories.   I get such a kick out of people smelling a candle and saying that reminds me of my childhood or when I lived here, we were surrounding by groves and that candle reminds me of when I lived there. 

Nontoxic, easy clean up, no petroleum i.e. black smoke, slow-clean burn, uniform burning, cannabis essential oils, 9 unique scents that go from floral, woodsy and botanical, jars can be re-purposed and recycled materials.  This is what I based my products on.

I am here and would love to answer any questions you have about me or my business.