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Whether sitting on your mantle, coffee table or atop a pile of books, these beauties elevate any interior. Burning the candle creates a cozy ethereal glow through the amber glass. Light and lively aromas permeate the space

The beauty and style of these candles will have your home glowing with warmth and coziness.  It doesn’t matter if they are in the dining room, night stand or on your desk, Urban Re-Leaf candles will have your home smelling wonderful.  Notes ranging from bamboo, plum, and coriander to bourbon roasted pecans and lilies just to name a few. These scents can take you from chill to completely and totally relaxed. 

These gorgeous frosted amber jars come with a cork in boxes with beautiful illustrated cannabis leaf prints. The packaging is so pretty, you won't even want to gift wrap.

Made in Los Angeles with coconut wax and cannabis essential oils these are eco-friendly, clean burning candles. Uses a lead-free echo-cotton wick primed and premium grade fragrance oil. No added dyes or chemicals.

With an Urban Re-Leaf subscription, you can choose your delivery, every month to every 3 months, select your own fragrance per candle.  You can buy up to 4 candles a month.  Save money, the more you buy the more you save.

You have discounted shipping, the option of skipping deliveries and cancelling the subscription at any time.  Subscription automatically renews.


How often should I get a candle?

  • If you burn candles daily then you should opt in for the once month subscription
  • If you burn candles weekly then 2 months
  • If you burn candles on special occasions, holidays then every 3 months.

You decide!

 If you want the cannabis essential oil 5 ML or 10 ML subscription- once again you decide

  • If you are a regular bath taker and use the cannabis oil as a message oil practically on a daily basis then monthly.
  • If you take baths once a week and maybe just message the oil in a couple of times a week then every 2 months.
  • If you take baths once in a while and just message the oil in every now and then, we would suggest every 3 months.

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