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Sample Set Cannabis/Wood

Cannabis Sample Set consists of: Thicket, The C. Leaf and Zen Garden.  You get a little botanical, wood scent and The C. Leaf which is our signature cannabis candle.   

Thicket will remind you of running through the misty woods with strong and earthy notes.  The highlights are green apple, mahogany, cognac and red pepper.  Strong, Earth Notes.

The C. Leaf will remind you of luxurious nutty notes, an ode to cannabis.  But there is no THC, so you will not get high but relaxed.  Highlighted notes are cedar, cloves, nutmeg and patchouli.

Zen Garden has you strolling through lush bamboo filled gardens.  The note highlights are bergamot, bamboo, ylang ylang and green leaves.  Lush, Exotic Notes.

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