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Single Mom, Young Daughter and Cannabis

November 13, 2019

Single Mom, Young Daughter and Cannabis


At Urban Re-Leaf, our mission is to improve your well being while being conscientious of the effects our products have on the world. Talking to our customers is a big step in getting this right

Recently, we had a conversation with a Woodsley Cannabis Candle consumer about cannabis. Hemp and cannabis products can be a huge contributor to the “build a better world” mindset, but some people are hanging on to old stereotypes.

One of the largest stereotypes is that cannabis products will get you high.

Our customer, Tamara, who grew up in Los Angeles, CA, became aware of cannabis, in the form of marijuana when she was in junior high.

 “Lazy teenagers didn’t want to do anything but smoke and drink all night,” Tamara says, “so I didn’t want to use it.”

 These days, she is comfortable with adults smoking or vaping marijuana. Although she is open to her young daughter knowing about marijuana, Tamara still views it as an addictive substance that needs to be managed.

 “It’s like alcohol,” she says, “and must have regulations.”

When she was growing up, Tamara saw plenty of people in her neighborhood who didn’t work. All they did was smoke weed and look for their next fix. “Now I know plenty of men who smoke and work.” She realizes it wasn’t necessarily the marijuana impeding people from being successful.

Before current legislation, though, it was difficult for people who smoked it to ever get ahead in life. All but minimum wage jobs wanted employees to pass drug tests. She’s known people who didn’t even bother applying for jobs because they weren’t going to give up marijuana.

Tamara’s happy to see new rules for drug screening that don’t prevent people from getting good jobs. However, she’s not a fan of the smell of burning marijuana.

 “There should be no smoking at work,” Tamara says. “And people shouldn’t smoke and drive.”

Education about cannabis products is breaking through barriers, though. Recently, Tamara injured her ankle. “I’m heading out to get some CBD oil” because positive reports about its ability to relieve pain have made an impact.

Attitudes toward cannabis can change if people open their minds and do their homework. The benefits of this ancient plant are endless.

On a somewhat unrelated note, we asked Tamara about her Urban Re-Leaf Woodsley candle. “It smells great even when it isn’t lit,” she confirms. She thinks it helps her relax.

Her favorite time to burn it? While she’s lying down watching television and unwinding in the evening.

Urban Re-Leaf loves seeing people open their minds to the benefits of cannabis. With more time and a perseverance to continued education, cannabis products will find their way into improving more and more lives.


If you would like to be interviewed regarding your opinions about cannabis, click here. We want to hear from you.






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