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Samples Sets

We wanted you to try out some samples if you could not decide what to buy. Sometimes it is hard if everything sounds appealing.  We are offering 3 different sample sets.  Each sample contains coconut wax, cannabis essential oil and a high-grade fragrance profile.  Our fragrances are of the highest quality and contains no phthalates.  Clean burning and enough candle to get an idea of what the scent is like.  Each set comes in a linen bag with a hemp cord and 3 sample tins.

First Sample Set consists of:  Salonka, Havana wood and Woodsley, we like to call this our wood/ spice sample set.  With notes of Tonka, tobacco and roasted pecans. 

Salonka has an exotic scent, think of the orient, at least that’s what we envision.  Think spicy notes, it makes you want to keep smelling, over and over. This is Salonka.  

Havana Wood- Think Big Cars, Big Cigars, Big Hair are you thinking of Cuba in the 50’s?  Check out the old shows everyone is dressed up and the men are smoking cigars now you are smelling Havana Wood, rich and smokey, tobacco, a hint of passion flower and kiwi. 

Woodsley- Now the season has change, think of your first winter beach party then you are smelling Woodsley.  Warm buttery notes.  The fire pit is lit but we have added in maple pecans and cinnamon.  Simply delightful.

Second Sample Set consists of: Citrus Petals, Calming Lily and My Oud.  This is our floral/ botanical sample set. 

Citrus petals will remind you of a Saturday picnic in the orange groves.  The notes are tart geranium, grapefruit.  

Calming Lily will remind you of blooming gardens, running water and perfumed dusk, fresh floral notes. It really is calming.

My Oud will remind you of a drive through meandering green hills of wine country.  Highlights are Agarwood, sweet plum, lime, jasmine, wild orchid and black pepper. Dark Wild Notes!

Third Sample Set consists of: Thicket, The C. Leaf and Zen Garden.  You get a little botanical, wood scent and The C. Leaf which is our signature cannabis candle.   

Thicket will remind you of running through the misty woods with strong and earthy notes.  The highlights are green apple, mahogany, cognac and red pepper.  Strong, Earth Notes.

The C. Leaf will remind you of luxurious nutty notes, an ode to cannabis.  But there is no THC, so you will not get high but relaxed.  Highlighted notes are cedar, cloves, nutmeg and patchouli.

Zen Garden has you strolling through lush bamboo filled gardens.  The note highlights are bergamot, bamboo, ylang ylang and green leaves.  Lush, Exotic Notes.