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Cannabis Candle Holiday Gift Set - Nightfall and Cinar

Why buy one?  When you can have both Holiday scents.  We have included Nightfall and Cinar in one gift set. 

Nightfall- Sultry and Sophisticated- we elevated our scent game on this one.  With notes of crisp greens, herbs, Vetiver, frankincense and myrrh you’ll wonder why we didn’t get to this fragrance sooner.  Winter bliss fills my mind when this scent is wafting through the air. 

When the holidays are in full bloom and the season feels right, warm up to Nightfall.

Cinar- Quince and Cinnamon -Think of a winter evening where you are baking fresh quinces with a hint of cinnamon in the air then you have stumble on Cinar.  It’s delightful and calming all in one breath. You’ll walk around your home with a smug smile on your face because this scent will bring a certain amount of joy.  We like to say you have been transformed by the hypnotic smell of Cinar.  

The fireplace is roaring, and you are among friends, light Cinar, it brings the holidays into focus.  Cinar hits you with the right notes this holiday season. 

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