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5 Great Rooms for Your Urban Re-Leaf Candles

April 21, 2021

5 Great Rooms for Your Urban Re-Leaf Candles

Unbeknown to many, a bath can have several benefits to the mind as much as the body. This daily ritual is no longer exclusively about keeping your body clean and free of bacteria. For some, it's a type of therapy needed to enhance and prepare your mind for the modern world's everyday hustle and bustle. The Huffington Posts lists some of the numerous effects of having a good bath, which ranges from boosting brain power, helping to increase sleep, and fight cold symptoms.

These benefits are the reasons people are so careful when it comes to decorating their bathrooms. They want their bathroom to evoke a sense of rest and relaxation that can further aid in relieving them of stress when they use it.

So with that in mind, here are five easy ways to spruce up your bathroom and have it looking like a five-star spa in no time.

The Venice Living Room

next we have some outdoor living 


then we have suburban burbs 

back yard 


modern industrial


words can't say enough

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